TT-32 (Tim Turns 32) was a personal project celebrating my 32nd birthday. Unfortunately, Covid-19 happened, and the dinner never happened, but thankfully the website did.

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The site started as a build to experiment with all kinds of stuff I'd wanted to try, such as 3D graphics, background blur filters, fancy typography, and most of all, a horizontal scroll (which you should never use, except when you're doing a cool project like this).

I used the horizontal scroll as a design technique to symbolize the passing of time (fitting for a birthday party). Much like how a movie passes by your eyes, it feels like a journey.

It was a lot of fun, and I learned a great deal about scroll-in triggers that tend to get wonky in combination with a horizontal scroll. Apart from that,  making 3D graphics look like futuristic ice cream made me crave real thing all the time.

UX/UI Design
Creative Direction
The Loading screen.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the TT-32 website homepage hero section
The Homepage Hero.
Full Page Scroll-Through
3D graphic of a pointy green swirl
Inspired by ice cream, but different.
Mobile Coming Soon Screen for the  TT-32 website
Mobile Coming Soon Screen for the  TT-32 website
Mobile Coming Soon Screen for the  TT-32 website
Instagram Story images.
Hover over mouse position animation.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the TT-32 RSVP section of the page
RSVP Section of the page.

And...ah 1, 2, 3D

I love making 3D graphics in my spare time, and I'm amazed at what you can do with textures and modeling shapes. For this project, I got inspired by the form of ice cream, the one thing I eat a lot on my birthday.

I modeled various abstract shapes and made them look like futuristic ice cream and cakes. Then, inspired by the twist in the candles we usually place on the cake, I designed the number-shaped graphics with a similar inward twirl.

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Zoomed in detail shot of a 3D green swirl
A rippled 3D orb
A butterfly shaped 3D graphic bow
3D graphic of the number '32'
A 3D graphic of the number '32'
A collection of 3D graphics created for the TT-32 website
A collection of graphics used for the Instagram invitation.
Creative Director
Lead Webflow Developer
Birthday Specials
Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer