Portfolio Prototype Number 2. Mini Case

My portfolio prototypes are mainly exercises in design and development. It's such a way to learn and play around without restrictions.

In this design, I focused on trying how far I could take position sticky and 3D scans. In short, you can do some incredible things with both.

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I've learned many neat little tricks I now use in my daily Webflow Development by creating these portfolio pages. For the longest time, I kept them hidden in my Webflow files, but why not present these exercises as a mini-case?

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Screenshot of Tim Maurer's Portfolio Prototype 2 homepage design
The Homepage.
Screenshot of Tim Maurer's Portfolio Prototype 2 homepage about section design
Profile section on the Homepage.
Screenshot of Tim Maurer's Portfolio Prototype 2 case study overview design
Case Study section on the Homepage.

In Motion

A quick video best shows the complicated sticky element, horizontal scroll, and transitions from one section to another. Another thing I wanted to give a try is 3D scans, so I grabbed my camera and got to work.

I took some shots, hooked it up to the computer, and, using Webflow's interactions, created a nifty little hover interaction where the 3D images of my face (kind of) came to life.

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Homepage scroll-through.
3D profile interaction.

A Place to Play

At some point, I got excited about creating all kinds of 3D graphics for fun. So I've made a whole bunch of them and thought it would be fun to create a Playground where I could display these creations.

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The Playground.

11 Things

The 11 Things is a great way to get some of my values and beliefs into the world. In this version, I've re-introduced the globe (and its interactions) and added a sticky-reveal effect that gives the pages its horizon in a way.

Underneath, you will also see a purple version I tried; this color mode inspired the 'frenzy' effect in the 2021 portfolio prototype.

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11 Things page.
11 Things color experiment.
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Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
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