Summit is a specialist firm in customer journey registration. They help universities, conventions, conferences, and event managers register, measure and badge their visitors.

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They offer a comprehensive collection of software and hardware solutions and personal (tailor-made) services. Summit asked us to help them with a new brand and website to present their many different digital products and their most recent hardware addition, the Host.

Brand Positioning & Strategy
Site Architecture
Digital Design
Creative Direction
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Summit website homepage
The Homepage.
Multiple tablets on a grey background displaying various pages of the Summit
Multiple Page Designs.


During the process we created a few main questions to help us structure our information, and keep the user & business needs in mind.

How might we make Summit feel more like a grown-up brand and help them uncover new opportunities?
How might we find a balance in presenting their software and hardware solutions?
How might we give Summit the flexibility to expand and present its products in the future?
How might we create new product pages which are tailored to one of the four primary target audiences and ultimately improve conversion?
How might we utilize new techniques like Lottie and Advanced Custom Fields to improve Summit's storytelling capabilities?
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Full-page screenshot of the Summit homepage design
Full page screenshot of the Homepage.

Expanding the Brand

Summit has been around for years, working to help some of the biggest clients in their respective industries gather data to increase their opportunities.

We visualized their software suite, designed a system to expand their brand, and helped them explain and communicate their offerings clearly and concisely. All in all, we helped Summit show up, communicate and behave like a grown-up brand.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying the Summit website homepage with an active menu
Active Menu State.
Three phones with a grey background displaying various responsive designs
Responsive Design.
Summit typography for the website
Summit colors for the website design
Various components for the Summit web design on a grey background
Various components (molecules and organisms).

Product Pages

Summit's software solutions vary per target audience. Meaning the same software functions function entirely differently for various audiences. And this makes it tremendously challenging to present a traditional 'product' page.

To help Summit explain its products, we shifted from 'what' to 'who' pages, focussing on the target audiences first. As a result, we designed the homepage around Summit's various audiences (education, conventions, conferences, and corporate) as we want to show them what Summit can do for them.

Every audience requires different software, and some also require custom solutions. On the audience page, Summit can present all the benefits and features previously made for that specific audience.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying the Summit website Product page
The Product Page.
Full page screenshot of the Summit product page
Full page screenshot of the Product page.


Summit is constantly adding new software solutions to its existing product offering, so we needed more than just a static website. We needed a system.

We used Advanced Custom Fields to allow Summit to build and expand its website when necessary. The website helps to accommodate this because it's composed of many smaller components, each belonging to specific component libraries (Product, Detail Page, News, etc.).

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Various components for the Summit website
Various Modular Components.
A tablet and phone on a grey background displaying the Summit website detail page
The Detail page.
Various components to build a Detail page for Summit web design
Detail Page Components.


One of the new products of Summit is something other than software. It's hardware. A physical login booth that allows visitors to scan their tickets and badge up their entrance documents quickly.

No ticket? No problem. Feel free to sign up right on the Host. We created a page where we take the visitor through the steps right at the Host. More importantly, the Host gathers all the data and directly sends it to the Summit Dashboard software, making it insightful for the client.

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Two tablets on a grey background displaying the Summit website Host page
The Host page.
Brand Identity
Brand Positioning & Strategy
Site Architecture
Digital Design
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Tra Nguyen
Susi Büchele
Lieneke Koenen
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
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