Cream Co. is a world-renowned Chicago-based art collective passionate about creating a community that shares and values art rooted in nature.

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In 2017 they approached Naam Agency to help redesign and refocus their website. As Naam's Digital Creative Director, I helped create the project's strategy and design from start to finish.

An eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, installations, and community projects, combined with a confusing information architecture, made the old site difficult to navigate.

We brought back clarity and made the work and its creators stand out.

UX/UI Design
Creative Direction
Multiple tablets on a grey background displaying the CreamCo website design
Multiple Page Designs.
Screenshot of the CreamCo homepage.
The Homepage.


During the process we created a few main questions to help us structure our information, and keep the user & business needs in mind.

How might we create an online presence that is outspoken of itself, but makes the art stand out even more?

And this is small answers.

How might we create a space for their community, of both visitors and artists?

And this is small answers.

How might we present the incredible detail in the artwork?

And this is small answers.

How might we approch the site more like an archie, and focus on the ability for creamco to easily add work, iniatives and projects.

And this is small answers.

How might we present their work as collections, and allow them to be presented as series (that took many years to create)?

And this is small answers.

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Three phones on a grey background displaying the CreamCo responsive designs.
Responsive Design.
Full page screenshot of the CreamCo homepage.
Full-page Screenshot of the Homepage.
Typography used in the CreamCo webdesign
Image of a sculpture pot
CreamCo Sculpture.
Screenshot of the CreamCo homepage with an active hover state
Homepage with Active State.
Three phones on a grey background displaying CreamCo reponsive design
Responsive Design.
Full page screenshot of CreamCo Product Detail page
Full-page Project Detail.
Screenshot of the CreamCo Project Overview page with an active hover state
Project Overview Active Hover State.

Typographic Navigation

With a wide variety of visual images to present on the website, we created a calm color palette supported by clean and clear typography. After that, we took it one step further and created a 'hero' section where an impressive typographic block allows you to navigate the work of Cream Co.

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Four screenshots of CreamCo homepage sections
Four Sections of the Homepage.


The website was awarded and featured many times. Some of the awards include Awwwards SOTD, Awwwards Developer Award, CSS Design Awards, SiteInspire Favorite, and many more.

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Tilted tablet on a grey background displaying the Project Detail page hero section
Project Detail Hero Section.
Brand Identity
Digital Design
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Elie MacLeod
Lieneke Koenen
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
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