Weima produces machines that help recycle and repurpose materials.

They are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of solutions for waste recycling, such as shredders, drainers, and briquette presses.

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Weima requested a complete overhaul of their outdated marketing material to bring them into the modern day. Through a brand new custom-made website and design guidelines, we helped Weima improve the communication of their innovative, ecological, and trusted services to an existing audience of established companies.

The design shown in this case study is a slightly updated version of the original site design from 2017 and the 2020 update. In addition, it contains a few usability improvements and presents a more consistent design language.

UX/UI Design
Information Architecture
Design System
Creative Direction
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima website homepage
The Homepage.
Full-page screenshot displaying the Weima website homepage
Full-page screenshot of the Homepage.


During the process we created a few main questions to help us structure our information, and keep the user & business needs in mind.

How might we focus our user research to help find inspiration and create an innovative digital product for the Waste sector, which is traditionally not associated with visual innovation and creativity?
How might we include Weima's time-honored logo and non-existing style-guide into a contemporary digital product?
How might we present a wide range of machines, services, and solutions in an exciting yet informative way?
How might we give Weima's in-house marketing team new tools to help them improve their digital marketing efforts and conversion by reaching existing and new clients?
How might we use subtle 3D graphics and new web-animation techniques such as Lottie to present Weima's products without losing the informative character of the website?
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Four phone on a grey background showing multiple Weima website pages
Responsive Design.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Shredding slide on the  homepage
Homepage Shredder Animation.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Briquetting slide on the  homepage
Homepage Briquetting Animation.

Excite and surprise.

Weima's new website brings its machinery and service right to the forefront. With large interactive 3D animations — created together with VFX studio The Outpost — it's easy to take notice of Weima's key offerings. For example, Weima's innovative engineering is highlighted by showing various machines' inner workings in a compelling, visual way.

The full-page (mega)menu of Weima's new menu contains three main sections. Research showed that most visitors preferred to navigate these sections first, so we were tasked to make them as easy to find as possible. As a result, we used visual hierarchy design patterns to clarify essential typographic elements sucessfully.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Menu
The Menu.
The colors used in Weima's webdesign
A line drawing of a person next a Weima machine to show the scale
Sense of Scale Illustrations.
Weima Machine comparison component
Machine Comparison Component.
Typography used in the Weima webdesign
Various different cards and buttons used in the Weima website
A collection of visual components.

Marketing Landings

The first significant update to the website happened in 2020. After a few years of gathering user data, Weima USA contacted us requesting more flexibility. As a result, we rebuild a selection of pages with modular components with which the marketing team can now compose new pages quickly. Additionally, this opens the possibility for Weima to AB test or, for example, try different marketing techniques to improve conversion.

Upon assessing Weima's main competitors, we found an opportunity that could set Weima apart. By showing the full scope of their product catalog and replicating much of the Weima in-person showroom experience on the website, we knew that we could potentially convert interested managers into buyers because, traditionally, managers would come to the Weima showroom to learn all about these details. Now, they could do that from the comfort of their desk.

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Two tablets on a grey background displaying the Weima Product Landing page
Product Marketing Landing pages.

Machine Overview

With the 2020 update, Weima announced they were renaming all of its machines. This way, it would be easier for clients to understand the various growing product groups. As a result, we completely redesigned the Machine Overview pages to accommodate this change and set Weima up for the future.

The new design includes clear product group sections, easy sorting filters, and improved scannability. At the bottom, we've kept essential information that adds another layer of SEO value.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Product overview page
Product Overview with Filter.
Full-page screenshot of the Weima Machine Overview page
Full-page Product Overview.

Machines & Materials

Next, we integrated the new component-based design system across the various detail pages. This feature helped Weima explain, in detail, the many differences between their machines and the materials they process. To find out which machine works best for you, we created unique detail pages focusing solely on the materials.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Product Detail page
The Product Detail page.
Full-page screenshot of Weima's product detail page
Full-page Product Detail page minus the hero section.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Product detail hero section
Product Detail Hero section.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Product detail interactive section
Interactive Image Module.

Success Stories & News

Success stories highlight how Weima's customers use and integrate their machines. On the surface, they utilize the same page template as the News pages.

As opposed to the news pages, the Success stories help customers visualize one of Weima's machines in their shop or production hall, and are full of raving reviews by owners.

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Composition of multiple Weima success story pages.
Client Success Overview and Detail page.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Search page
The Search page.
Weima navigation components for the website
Navigational components.
Various Weima components for use on the website
Various components.

Knowledge. Just A Click Away

WeimaPedia has been around for a long time. Previously, it was a website on its own, but with our 2017 redesign, we integrated it into the main website. Not only for its content's findability but also because the WeimaPedia page hosts a lot of written information that is great for SEO.

WeimaPedia contains all information about accessories, terminology, maintenance, and much more. Ultimately, this page solves numerous support questions, so the user doesn't need to contact Weima.

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Two tablets on a grey background displaying the Weima Weimapedia page
The WeimaPedia page for all sorts of information about the machines.

Service & Contact.

Service is a crucial part of increasing the lifespan of a Weima machine. As such, Weima provides excellent service programs accessible via the website. For example, to book an appointment for your machine, a user can open the Support chatbot, leave their serial number, and either schedule an appointment or request new parts.

When designing the new website, we purposely made the Support functionality visible. There should be no doubt that Weima is there to help you, whether you need a custom solution to adapt a Weima machine to an existing production line, require maintenance for an existing machine, or want to ask a question.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Support chatbot
Weima Support Chatbot.
A tablet on a grey background displaying the Weima Contact page
The Contact page.


Weima has been a client of Naam for years and remains a client to this day. In the meantime, the design has been featured many times and won multiple awards, from CSS Design Awards to Awwwards SOTD.

More importantly, Weima has grown, and the website has evolved. Although I can't comment on specific numbers, the design sets Weima apart from the competition in a significant way, which is invaluable.

Weima was one of my favorite projects to work on, but it also felt great to do my part in helping the circular economy and supporting recycling efforts. A valuable industry that we need in these times.

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Multiple pages of the Weima website design in tablets on a grey background
Weima website design overview.
UX/UI Design
Information Architecture
Design System
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
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Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
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Timothy Maurer
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