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Tomato Bliss grows a rare variety of heirloom tomatoes on a regenerative farm in Michigan's fruit belt.

Partnering with like-minded farmers, they are revolutionizing the American tomato industry by crafting flavorful tomato soups, broths, and several different roasts from holistically-grown heirloom tomatoes.

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Since day one, Naam Agency has worked with Tomato Bliss to create a bespoke visual identity and various online tools to enable and grow the sale of products.

Today, Tomato Bliss uses custom labels, an e-commerce platform, and a design system to expand their brand across the US.

Visual Identity
Content Creation
Several tablets showing Tomato Bliss' website design
Tomato Bliss custom Shopify webhop
A tablet on a grey background displaying Tomato Bliss' webshop homepage
The homepage hero section.
Four smartphones displaying sections of the Tomato Bliss webshop design
Various responsive screens.
Tomato Bliss logo
Tomato Bliss logo.
Tomato Bliss icons

A Shift to E-Commerce.

Tomato Bliss started selling their products at local farmer's markets. However, in response to Covid-19, they had to shift their focus to e-commerce. To help achieve this, Naam Agency quickly transformed Tomato Bliss' original marketing website into a Shopify webshop. In the background, we started designing and building a custom Shopify webshop without compromising quality or detail; this is the case study for the latter.

My role as Creative Digital Director and Head of UX was to share the Tomato Bliss brand story honestly and effectively. In a way that both align with their holistic heirloom tomato farming practice and help them share their genuine products with a larger audience.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying Tomato Bliss' webshop homepage product section
Homepage product sales section.
A jar of Tomato Bliss next to a tasty dish
Wow, that looks yummy.
Tomato Bliss packaging cardboard box closed
Cardboard packaging.
Tomato Bliss packaging cardboard open

The Taste of Tomato Bliss.

We set up a recipe section within the website where Tomato Bliss' products, a little dash of inspiration, and customer suggestions come together to make delicious, flavorful dishes. So whether it's a quick snack, a lovely soup, or a gourmet meal, these recipes provide plenty of ideas, and at the same time, they help more people to discover Tomato Bliss products in an inspiring way.

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Composition of the homepage, recipe page, and recipe detail page
Home page, Recipe page, and Recipe Detail page.
A tablet on a grey background displaying Tomato Bliss' recipe page
Recipe page hero.
Tomato Bliss card elements
Sales cards.
Tomato Bliss typography
Tomato Bliss subscription components for various breakpoints
Subscription components.
Navigational and promotional components for Tomato Bliss
Navigational and promotional components.


The webshop runs on the ever-stable and reliable Shopify platform. I love using their insightful dashboards to gain new sales and user information insights, so it was a no-brainer to pitch Shopify over the Webflow E-Commerce platform.

Currently, the webshop is being built and will be online soon, and replace the temporary webshop placeholder.

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A tablet on a grey background displaying Tomato Bliss' webshop product detail page
Product Detail page.
Full-page screenshot of Tomato Bliss' product detail page
Full-page screenshot of the Product Detail page.

Values Over Profit.

Tomato Bliss heavily relies on social media to share their story and broaden their target audience. With various Instagram templates, Tomato Bliss can easily create bespoke content that seamlessly matches the visual style.

We worked closely with Tomato Bliss to tailor their printed material to their online presence. Whether it's a campaign or a cardboard box, the story and values of the brand are always at the center of every decision.

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Four phones on a grey background showing Instagram campaign screens for Tomato Bliss
Instagram campaign components.
A poster wall of promotional Tomato Bliss posters
Outdoor promotional material.
A tote-bag with Tomato Bliss logo and tagline printed on it
Farmers market tote-bag.
A few floating business cards with Tomato Bliss information on it
Business cards.
Two promotional Tomato Bliss posters in an underground subway station
Promotional poster design.
Tomato Bliss
Visual Identity
Digital Design System
Content Creation
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Ellie MacLeod
Lieneke Koenen
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer (digital)
Joris Spiertz (brand)