Portfolio 2021. Mini Case

The 2021 portfolio design is still one of my favorites to this day. It's a simple but outspoken design that makes the work stand out.

This version was chock-full of page transitions, mouseovers on position, and lots of smooth load-in animations. Overall, the site feels very refined, and I won't rule out bringing an altered version back to life soon.

Digital Design
Webflow Development
Screenshot of homepage of Tim Maurer
The homepage.
Full-page screenshot of the homepage of Tim Maurer
Full-page screenshot of the homepage.
Four phones showing the responsive design of Tim Maurer's website
Responsive design.

In Motion.

The best way to appreciate the design is to view it in motion, so I've created a video to show the homepage load-in and smooth-scroll animation on the large hero-image.

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Homepage load-in and scroll-through interactions.

Project Overview

For the project overview, I wanted a list and a grid view to speak to two target users; the explorer and the researcher.

Users familiar with some of my work will recognize that in every portfolio, I implement a list view with an image hover-over interaction. I have been doing this since my first portfolio, so at this point, it's tradition, and this portfolio also required one for continuity's sake.

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Work load-in animation.
Work list view hover-over interaction.
Screenshot of the Work List page of Tim Maurer
Work List-View hover-over.
Screenshot of the Work Grid page of Tim Maurer
Work Grid-View hover-over.
Case Study Detail scroll-through.
Screenshot of Tim Maurer's Case Detail Page design
Case Study Detail page.
Full-page screenshot of the Case Detail Page design of Tim Maurer's website
Full-page screenshot of the Case Study Detail page.
Screenshot of the Profile page of Tim Maurer's website
Profile page.
Screenshot of the Contact page of Tim Maurer's design
Contact page.
Profile page scroll-through.
11 Things page scroll-through.
Digital Design
Webflow Development
Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer