Onym&Co. Preview

Onym&Co. is a low-code development agency specializing in Webflow development for internal teams, creative agencies, and startups.

For Onym&Co, I designed and developed (in Webflow) an MVP one-page landing to help them market their brand-new business and services. This case study is a preview of what's to come.

UX/UI Design
Webflow Development
Screenshot of Onym&Co homepage
Onym&Co homepage slider (built with the native Webflow slider).
Homepage slider on mobile.
Scroll through of the full mobile home page.
Full-page screenshot of the Onym&Co homepage design
Full-page screenshot of the Onym&Co landing page, without the hero section.

Webflow Development

Webflow is the perfect tool for a temporary landing page such as this. It allows the Onym&Co. team to get familiar with Webflow and update when needed.

In Webflow, I've used a Block Element Modifier (BEM) class approach for the classes. BEM allows me to re-use and scale the development in the future when adding multiple new pages.

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Onym&Co case study thumbnail hover interaction.
Case study hover interaction in Webflow.
Custom accordion for the Solutions section.
The interaction for the custom accordion in Webflow.
Case Study lightbox interactions.
A screenshot of the Onym&Co case study lightbox detail
The Case Study lightbox composition.
Screenshot of Onym&Co frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions section using the accordion interaction.

Fluid Design

Onym&Co.'s page design is entirely fluid, meaning that every element scales when a screen's size is changed and thus preventing the structure from breaking unless we tell it to do so. This technique gives a whole new dimension to responsive development and helps to keep the product as close to the original design as possible.

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Fluidly responsive REM-sized typography in Webflow.
Digital Design
Visual Identity
Webflow Development
Web Development
Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
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