Mondzorg Westsingel.

Mondzorg Westsingel is a brand-new dental clinic in the south of the Netherlands. Over the last few years, the clinic has built a new headquarters equipped with the latest techniques and a stunning interior to welcome visitors.

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Mondzorg Westsingel asked Naam Agency to create a brand new visual identity and website focused on gaining new clients to fill their spacious clinic. The goal was to put aside all cliches involved with dental offices and create a recognizable style that works online and offline.

UX/UI Design
Webflow Development
Creative Direction
A tablet on a grey background presenting the Mondzorg Westsingel homepage
The Homepage.
Full-page screenshot of the Mondzorg Westsingel landing page
Part of a full-page screenshot of the homepage.
Four phones displaying the Mondzorg Westsingel website responsive design
Responsive design.
A tablet on a grey background presenting the Mondzorg Westsingel sign up form
Sign-up form.
A tablet on a grey background presenting the Mondzorg Westsingel Payment pages
Payment pages required by law.

A Diverse One-Pager.

The website played a vital role in the startup phase of the new clinic. Using clear call-to-actions ensured that potential new online visitors could quickly sign up to become clients.

We translated the pleasant brand identity to a digital environment that doesn't feel like a typical Dutch dental health facility but still exudes confidence and a sense of security.

Since opening, potential patients quickly filled up the books, and Mondzorg Westsingel had to extend their team quickly to handle the flow of new patients.

In a short amount of time, the team of three has since scaled to twelve. Mondzorg Westsingel built their new headquarters with this ability to scale quickly in mind, showing a lot of vision.

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Multiple tablets showing a selection of pages and sections of the Mondzorg Westsingel design
Multiple screenshots of the design.
Mondzorg Westsingel printed flyer design
Printed informational flyers.
Two Mondzorg Westsingel business cards against a black wall
Business cards.
Mondzorg Westsingel appointment cards on a black background
Appointment cards.
Mondzorg Westsingel stationary stock on a black background
Mondzorg Westsingel Iconography
Mondzorg Westsingel logo inspiration and final logo design
Logo and inspiration.
Poster wall of outdoor Mondzorg Westsingel promotional print design
Poster wall.
An overview of Mondzorg Westsingel's style guide
Style guide.
Mondzorg Westsingel
Brand Positioning
UX/UI Design
Webflow Development
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Timothy Maurer
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
Creative Direction
Timothy Maurer
Joris Spiertz
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