BredaPhoto exhibits visual stories that inspire, move, confront, raise new questions, and demonstrate that photography is an artistic medium at the heart of society.

As part of their program, BredaPhoto organizes the biggest bi-annual photo festival in The Netherlands.

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They also manage talent and create educational programs to help young and upcoming European artists develop their photography skills.

With large images and an immersive homepage hero, the new website offers Bredaphoto a place to showcase projects and beautiful, relevant, state-of-the-art photography.

UX/UI Design
Creative Direction
A tablet on a concrete floor displaying the BredaPhoto website
The Project page of the BredaPhoto website.
A scroll through video of the BredaPhoto homepage prototype.

Multipurpose Design

For BredaPhoto, the new website highlights the bi-annual festival and offers a platform for all projects they organize. In addition, the flexible homepage hero allows BredaPhoto to shift the order of focus between different undertakings.

In-depth articles on photography and news concerning BredaPhoto or its (previous) participants make up a significant portion of the site, making it a content-rich website to visit and explore.

BredaPhoto can transform the website's content to support the online and offline campaign in the run-up to a festival edition. For example, the hero component on the homepage is flexible and will help direct the visitor toward the correct information, such as venues, projects, or tickets.

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A tablet on a grey background showing the current BredaPhoto projects
The Project page of the BredaPhoto website.
A scroll through video of a BredaPhoto detail page
A second scroll through video of a BredaPhoto detail page

Component-based Design

With the help of the flexible components we designed and built in combination with an easy-to-use back-end, Bredaphoto can showcase beautiful photography in different flows and layouts on every page. This flexibility also helps them to A/B test or try other formats without technical knowledge. In addition, they can build a new or edit a page with a simple click on the screen.

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A tablet on a grey background showing the Breda Photo contact and team page
BredaPhoto contact and team page.


Unfortunately, I left Naam before finishing the project, so the images and prototype presented here are the first drafts, as shown to the client in the first design round. After my leave, Joris took over as Digital Creative Director. Thankfully, the final site design is live, and its look and feel are very close to my design, as shown here.

To help our clients understand the design's interactions and view the website in situ, I developed a Webflow prototype of the homepage, as shown in the video underneath.

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The BredaPhoto Webflow prototype.
A screenshot of the Webflow Navigator for the Breda Photo prototype
The Webflow navigator HTML structure for the prototype.
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